Our Story

Shenzhen winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. was established in 2013. It's aprofessional company specializing in the research and development, production and salesof smart heating wearable products. Our company's main business includes heated insoles,heated gloves, heated clothing, heated socks and other intelligent heating wearable products, as well as related accessories, such as switching power adapters, chargers, LED drivepower supplies, LEDchips, mobile power supplies,and heating systems. In addition, we have also developed as eries of in novative heating products for home heating products,pet heating products, including smart electric blankets and pet heating houses.The "Winna" brand was born from"win-warm",which means "to win warmth"in Chinese.

Brand certification

Our Responsibility

Our company continuously explores innovation, develops better products with new technologies and methods, and servescustomers with a pragmati cand enth usiastic attitude. Our products have obtained BCTC/CE/FCC/ROHS/UL/PSE certifications andown multiple patents. The product quality is highly praised by customers, and we have won the trust and support of manycustomers at home and abroad, especially in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden,the United States, and Canada.






WINNA'S Culture


Bringing warmth to every family.


To Be a leading enterprise in professional intelligen heating products.


Face difficulties with warmth, Win warmth and smile at life.

Core Values

Innovation, pragmatism, quality, responsibility, and win-win.